I won my Round II Transformer bet!  Yahoo!  I was under my goal.  I took the weekend "off" after I got my weigh in confirmation...it was fun and all, I really did not eat anything that bad, but I did have a beer or 4.  Sunday Funday is not so fun on Monday.  The things I used to do to "indulge" are not as satisfying as they once were.  Don't get me wrong, I am not abandoning my beer or wine...but maybe this change I am making is more than just physical...it is mental as well. I don't want to mess up a whole weeks worth of exercise and eating right to blow it and get myself off track.  I am EASILY put off track so I think it is a good step that I am realizing what NOT to do. 

On the really really happy happy side...I am 2.4 pounds away from being in the 170's.  I have not seen the 170's since 2002.  2002 people....13 FRICKING YEARS AGO.  Can you tell I am excited?  I am hoping I can hit that milestone by end of March.  Then it is on to the 160's!  I cant even remember the last time I weighed that! 

I really love DietBet.  The support, blogs and just knowing other people are in the same boat pushes me to do better.  So thanks DietBet peeps!