In the 2017 Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon (June), I finished 114/469 (top 25%), with a time of 2:48:28, my third triathlon and best race so far (see photo).  The swim was slow due to currents and I didn't push it (1500m/0.93miles in 33:21, a 2:13/100m), followed by my best bike ride ever (40k/25 miles in 1:17:26, averaging 19.2mph), then a decent run (10k/6.2miles in 50:36, 8:07/mile).  I'm proud of this accomplishment.  I'm 6' and on race day was 206 pounds (currently 220+).

Lifetime triathlon goals:
--finish in the top 10% of a race.  (For Monte Rio, that would require I go 15 minutes faster)
--podium in my age group (i.e., 3rd or better in men 35-39)

This year's race (I only do 1-2/year):
--The Auburn International (Olympic distance) on June 3rd (California).  It is a local, very hilly course (2200 ft of elevation in the 25 mile bike, a couple hundred more in the 6.2 mile run, the swim is flat with no current thankfully).  With the hills, time is irrelevant, except for nutrition intake.  I expect to be sub 3 hours, but not by much.  I plan to be under 200 pounds and will hope to finish better than in the top 25% placing overall.

Training 1/8 to 3/11 (Daylight Savings then starts)
--Swim 4x/week before work (lots of drills, looking for efficient speed here)
--Attend 2-3 fitness classes/week (calisthenics and speed work) OR stationary bike and treadmill (torture if you ask me)
--Weight Lifting 2x/week: Deadlifts twice, Pull-ups once or twice, Squat and Press once
--Short Bike/Run on Saturday (ending at the gym for one of the fitness classes)
--Bike and Run on Sunday (performed back to back, this is called a "Brick" because of the combination of words and this is how your legs feel when you start running after biking)

Weekly Schedule: Jan-Mar
M am: Swim, pm: rest
Tu am: Swim, pm: Weights
W am: Swim, pm: Fitness Class
Th am: Swim, pm: Fitness Class or rest
F am: sleep, pm: Weights
Sa am: Bike/Run, Fitness class
Su am: Bike and Run

**Let's be honest, this is 12 workouts/week.  Definitely too much to start with, probably too much to work up to (should aim for 8-10).  I am pretty good about listening to my body, shutting things down, easing up, or canceling sessions as needed.  Hopefully I'll figure it out before injuring myself.

Training 3/12 to 6/2 (this is still quite flexible)
--Swim 2-3x/week
--Bike 3-4x/week (2-3 of these will be commutes home from work during week)
--Run 2-3x/week
--Fitness Classes 1-2x/week
--Weights 0-2x/week (much less volume, lighter)

Weekly Schedule: Mar-Jun (most likely)
M am: Swim, pm: rest
Tu am: rest, pm: Bike and Weights?
W am: Swim, pm: Fitness Class or Run
Th am: rest, pm: Bike
F am: Swim?, pm: Weights?
Sa am: Bike/Run and Fitness Class
Su am: Bike and Run

Other exercise I don't consider exercise:
--Walking: On mornings that I swim, I will be driving to the train station near my home, but will then walk 2.5 miles/day for the roundtrip section between the office and its train station.
--Biking: On mornings that I do not swim (and it's not raining) I will be biking from my home to the train station and from the other train station to my office.  The 4 trips add up to about 7 easy miles/day.
--Stairs: When it's not too hot, I take the 8 flights of stairs to my office on the 9th floor (194 stairs) once a day.  I also go down them at the end of the day.

Recovery Work:
--Stretching: I need to do this more, like 5x/week!  5 minutes of dynamic stuff before workouts (especially runs and weights), 10 minutes static stretches in the evening.  My hips and hamstrings flexibility are especially poor
--Foamrolling: 1-3x/week, for 5-10 minutes/session, totally painful, totally necessary, totally worth it (it gets less painful the more you do it).  I focus on quads, hip flexors, IT band, lats, back, and bottom of feet (in order most important to least)
--Eating healthy (I'm going to need lots of protein, electrolytes, micronutrients, and anti-oxidants
--Sleep (as much as I can get with a wife, two young kids, 3 pets, and waking up at 5am to go swimming most days before work)

A Note on Workout Structure:
--In total, this is a 21-week training program, that will be broken up into 5 4-week blocks, plus 1 taper week leading up to the race.  The 4-week blocks will increase in intensity (bike rides and runs go further, weight gets heavier, I push myself harder) during the first 3 weeks, then week 4 is "easy" week.  I show up to all workouts if I can, but overall volume is down.  For you math types it could look like this:
Block 1:
week 1 is A (base)
week 2 is 1.1*A
week 3 is 1.2*A
week 4 is A (easy week)
Block 2:
week 5 is 1.3*A
week 6 is 1.4*A
week 7 is 1.5*A
week 8 is 1.3*A (easy week)