I love Daylight Savings.  You can utilize time after work to get outside things done again.  When it comes to triathlon training, that means I can commute home from work on the bike and finish before it's dark (25 miles).  As opposed to taking the train and going to the gym, this saves time.  Consequently, I have changed my triathlon training program to better utilize time and sunlight.  It is 9 plays/week, with 3 bikes, two runs, two swims, and two weight lifting.  I am emphasizing biking because my speed is still lacking.

Mon: rest
Tues: bike 25, home from work*
Wed: run 5 before work (tempo)
Thurs: bike 25, home from work
Fri: lift (squat, deadlift, pull-ups) and swim about a mile (include 4-8 sprints of 25 or 50 meters/each)
Sat: bike 20-35 miles, run 4-6
Sun: lift (squat, deadlift, press) and swim about a mile (have a long set or two)

*In the morning, I bring my bike on the train to work

This isn't optimal.  I wish I didn't lift weights on both sides of my Saturday brick training, but my wife does group fitness gym classes Monday and Wednesday evenings, leaving me to watch the kids then.  Eleven more weeks until my race!