Go Big or Go Home?


10/06/2014 5:44AM
You're definitely not alone! I really like what CraigM is saying here (as well as everyone else's comments, too!) but that really rings true for me. It's not about hitting a goal, per se, it's about enjoying the activity simply for the joy the activity. The more runs I have logged on my 'runkeeper' app, the harder it is to get those "longest runs" or "most calories burned" or "highest elevation climbed" etc. Which started to make me sad at first, until I realized that I've just run so many times now that I can't make EVERY run the longest/hardest/highest, etc. I feel like that touches on your 'all or nothing' problem... I need to run not for the accolade of achieving some goal, but just for the fun of it! I hope that makes sense! Haha - too early and not enough coffee. :)


Ooh and I just came across this article that seems appropriate, although it's pretty fatalistic/overly dire in it's tone: http://news.health.com/2014/10/03/why-perfectionism-could-be-killing-you/


hopefully this is no way 'killing' you (!), but it does offer some interesting insights and analysis!

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