Is anyone like me and has been troubled my an all or nothing attitude?

This has been probably been my biggest struggle these last couple of months as I try and get back into the swing of healthy living and I've wrote about it on my blog. I finally decided to publish it, even though it has been written for two weeks, because I realized that I am very seldom alone in my particular struggles and there is something so encouraging both for me and for others to have reminders of this. "Oh, somebody else knows a little of how I feel. Oh, that's what they do to fight this problem." I think that is one of the greatest benefits of this Fitness Warriors group (above other dietbets I've done) and what keeps me coming back, even though I haven't won a bet in forever. That we are there for each other, encouraging each other, cheering for each other. It is a special community and I am glad I stumbled upon it a year ago. Who would have thought that people I have never met would make it onto my list of good friends? 


The Reluctant Athlete