I have a 5K in two weeks.  So my goal today was to see if I could make it a full 3.1 without stopping.  I made the distance but stopped due to my dog freaking out on the leash.  I still don't know what that was all about.  But I think I may be a little overly anxious about her health because I lost my last boxer to heart issues.  So... half a mile left in my run and I stopped... for the dog!  So, tomorrow= no dog.  I need to see if I can do this.  And weekends are really the only time I'm able to get out of the house to run.  Sure I have a treadmill but I just can't seem to force myself to go very far on that thing.  Bordum sets in.  I won't stop bringing the pup altogether tho.  I feel our outtings have made an even closer bond.  She follows me from room to room now, not wanting me out of her sight for long.  I think she doesn't want to miss out if I leave :)  I wonder if there are any other ppl here who have boxers as jogging partners?  PS she's fine.