I have decided to come at my weightloss goals from all sides this year.  Not only do I for see dietbet as a

huge motivation to lose the weight, but I think having fitness goals will get me there as well.  I'm calling

this year "12 months 12 shirts".  The plan is to complete a race per month.  Starting with 5ks I will work

my way through a year of fun and challenging races. I am slow, and at this point my only goal is to finish. 

So I do not expect to win any medals, but the t shirts I get from each race will be trophy enough for

me. And hopefully these trophies will progressivly become smaller, much smaller.


My husband plans to be by my side for the adventure, but I have made it my resolve to make this happen

even if I have no other feet running beside me.   With four young children and living in a new town, I am

reliant on the few people I know to help watch my kids on race days when we are both to go. I'm hoping

my new community will pull through for us.  But with or without, 2015 will be mine!