I've gotten my diet readjusted.... shaking things up with the carb cycling happiness and cheat day to fake out my metabolism. That is on track. Now, I'm adjusting my exercise. 

Over the holiday break when I lost so much weight, I was really spending a lot of time doing some long and low steady state erging (aka rowing on the Concept 2). Back to life, back to reality.... boom! Less time.

So, my goal over the next week is to get in 5 hours of SS rowing and then walking for 30 minutes over lunch every day. I can meet that goal over the next 7 days for sure since we have a holiday on Monday. I'll need to reassess next Friday night. 

Stuff to Do on the Erg: 

  • Meet up with friends to row together.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Watch Hulu.
  • Talk to my kids.
  • Play board games with kids- they can move pieces. 
  • Pay for a dropin at the gym and people watch. 
  • Go during Crossfit WOD and erg in a corner
  • Focus on boat technique issues for specific time segments.
  • Pay my coach for private lessons. 
  • Dropin to coached sessions at local rowing clubs.