Although I'm very glad I signed up for this DietBet, there is often an intensity about trying to lose weight in a short period of time that can move from a positive motivational practice to an unhealthy obsession. Today, I'm battling with finding balance in my weight loss journey. The scale has been bopping around the same few pounds for about a week. It's not really moving down. My diet is good. My exercise is good. I'm just needing to wait things out and let my body adapt to the new lifting regimen which is causing some soreness and likely some extra water retention. 

The problems arise times like tonight, when I have a mild sore throat and a sick kiddo at home. Wisdom tells me I should stay home from the gym and rest. That obsessive 'Biggest Loser' weight loss part of me says I just need to not make excuses and JUST DO IT. Could I go to the gym? Yes. Is that what is really best for me, my body, and my health? No. 

And honestly, I need to honor my body. I will do what I need to do to care for myself, my body, and my family. If that means I lose a bet, that's ok with me. I've still gained encouragement and friends along the way. This is not me giving up- this is just accepting that I have set boundaries around my food and exercise and trusting the process to get me where I need to go over time. 

So, resting and recovering this evening. Hope you are honoring your body too!