So, I'm doing my normal weight loss thing.... down some, up some. I have never been one to lose in any kind of regular pattern. The scale bops all over the place. I'm very compliant with my diet/exercise and it's infuriating to not see results based on those efforts. Years ago, when I tried Weight Watchers, they would shake their heads at me like I was sneaking cases of Twinkies at night and there was this one gal who dropped 2.1 pounds every week like clockwork. Made me want to clobber all of them. 

With that in mind, to do want to poder a bit and make sure there are not things I need to be changing in order to see losses on the scale. 

Mini-assessment time: Why isn't the scale moving?

  1. Not drinking adequate water. (I've gotten out of the habit of drinking- need to get back in.)
  2. Hormonal fluctuations. (Nothing I can do about this- it is what it is.)
  3. New lifting routine. (Nothing I can do about this- my body will settle down in a few weeks.)
  4. Not enough cardio. (I've stopped getting as many steady state times in each week.)
  5. Too much stress (I can change how I handle things at work and home.)
  6. Not getting enough sleep. (Need to work on this one as well.)
  7. Not eating enough. (This one is still weird to me, and not sure it's real.)

That's about it. My diet is pretty much on point, and if anything I'm not eating enough. Exercise is ok- could be improved but I honestly don't think that is what is keeping me from losing. Over Christmas, I just focused on me, chilling, resting, eating, and exercising... and lost a ton of weight. When I add in lots of other responsibilities, I have issues with the highlighted things and I think my body responds very negatively to them. 

I'm going to focus the next week on the highlighted three things- drinking water, reducing stress, and sleeping more.