It's a Numbers Game

Kelly T.

06/26/2015 4:47PM
Everything that you said is completely true, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. It is time to stop all the judging and just start focusing on us and how we feel. I joined Dietbet because I love all the "positive" that comes out of people. I love seeing when someone posts they just went on a walk or decided to keep driving right past the fast food place, or made a conscious effort to cook a healthy meal. I love all the encouragement you get from complete strangers....makes me feel like I belong. I also enjoy offering advice or encouragement to someone who posted that they are having a hard day. Thank you for sharing your insights and I am looking forward to our 6 month journey together.

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Thanks Kelly -- I am looking forward to the coming six months, losing weight together, too! I appreciate you reading my post, and I really appreciate your positivity! xx

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