I find reporting my weigh in and weekly stats helps me be accountable. So here it is. . .

Weight: 202

Loss: -6.2

Ave. Calories: 1454

Totally Happy. Finally, I got my motivation back! Last week I lost 6 pounds. I joined DietBet on Wed. and lost 3.4 pounds after joining. Makes me wish I had joined on Sunday! Oh well, plenty of weight to lose.

I haven't lost that much in a single week since the first month I started, in December. I guess that is because I basically have started over after a 2 month hiatus. Now that 6 months have passed I am ready to start phase 2 and look forward to the next 6 months.

A huge shot in the arm was joining DietBet. I think I needed another social platform to offer support and accountability. Adding the money kind of makes it fun, but I must admit knowing I have to stand on the scale and take a photo really motivates me. DietBet has set my goal weight to be around 180 by the end of the year, but my personal goal is 175. Most of the easy weight is gone now, so I am hoping for 1-2 pounds a week from here on out.

Another personal goal is within reach. I am very close to losing 40 total pounds since I started. That is half way to my 80 pound goal. I am really looking forward to this coming week and am ready make it happen.