Weekly Loss: -3.4

Last month I lost a total of 1.2 pounds. My worst month for weight loss in 7 months. But Now for July I have already lost 2.4 pounds. I can tell it is going to be a good month!

I really stayed focused and came in just a hair above my calorie goal. I averaged 1535 calories last week.

My sister's B-day party was my "reckless" day and then yesterday we went to celebrate my father in law's B-day. . . Brownie Ice cream sundaes, (my ultimate weakness.) I am happy I was only over by 100 calories. With all the celebrating this week, I am happy with my numbers and want to focus on staying under 1500 this week. For next Monday, I would love to see a 1-2 pound loss, but being realistic after a big loss it might just be steady state.

So, I am loving Diet Bet. It really has given me the kick I needed. After 7 months, I really really needed this. I know in a few weeks I will have to stand on the scale and take a photo to submit. I love how this keeps me accountable. Hope you all have a great week! Fighting!