I was heading out to the gym, but changed my mind at the last minute. Decided to hit the pavement instead. Since it rained earlier, the temperature was 20 degrees cooler than usual this time of year and it was cloudy. Nothing like the fresh smells of the high desert after a summer rainstorm and God knows with the drought in California at critical stages, it was such a blessing. I've always loved exercising in nature and especially walking. Going to the gym has never been what I would call fun. I figured I would walk a few of the hills around my block and call it a good first start.


The first half mile was really difficult. My legs felt like lead, and I wondered how I used to be able to walk at a pretty good pace, sometimes for 3 hours at a time. After about 9 minutes I was ready to turn around. I had it in my brain however, that for it to really be worth it, I should walk even at a snail's pace for at least 30 minutes. For me any workout less an hour really doesn't count. However, I am starting from ground zero so I wanted to see what I was capable of.


Ten minutes into my walk, a few sprinkles began to fall. Oh this nice and refreshing....what a treat! Then the loud crashes were heard. The sky opened up and a monsoonal downpour was pounding on me.  Wow...I really wasn't prepared for this, but it was exciting. I was being cleansed from above! I figured this would last for only a few moments, but then more thunder and flashes of light came. I felt like I was in Hilo on the big island betting soaked to the core.


I headed back, not sure of how far I had actually walked. The sound on Runkeeper on my phone had somehow gotten turned down. When I reached home, drenched from the life giving raindrops from heaven, low and behold....I had walked for an hour and 8 minutes....3.4 miles!!! Not bad for my first time walking for fitness in 5 months.  Sure I was slow, the rain was falling so hard, that I could barely see and my tennis shoes sloshed in the huge rushing streams that flash floods in the high desert are made of. But I felt blessed and excited to be absolutely soaking wet for skipping the gym and heading outdoors instead.


Can't wait for my next walk!!! Oh and I found a dime and 3 pennies so 13 cents richer as well.