The scale gyrates betwee 193 and 198 for six weeks. I know why.


After completing the half marathon in San Diego on May 21, 2015, I decided to rest. I haven't stopped resting. In additon, I picked up my beer habit again. So bascially, I am not doing anything. To win the transformer, I need to drop a lot this month- 5th month. I, almost, didn't join, but after putting all that in the pot, I want to see what happens at the end of the game. I did win my first round, so I have a whole 15 bucks to look forward to being in my pocket. LOL. I just want to know what happens at the end of this journey. My goal weight to win the transformer is only 184 pounds. That's so doable; it was to be done by now.


So, I have to do what I did when I first starting losing weight. My heaviest was 215 lbs, but I wasn't on this forum. When I first started losing weight, I realized I was walking less that 4,000 steps a day. I became zealous about hitting the step goal that the vivofit provided for me. Once I was in the 10.000 mark per day, this zealousy swung up. By the time, I finished a 134 day streak back in February or March 2015, I was walking around 14000 steps a day. I wouldn't let myself sleep, unless my steps were in. Then on one day in February, I simply ran out of time. I couldn't make the steps before midnight.

Being a perfectionist, I longed for a perfect record, so started a new account but never made it past 15 days and then my poor little vivofit wore itself out.

I purchased a new one and tried to start a new account, because I truly want to hit the goal for 365 days in a row. The vivofit wouldn't sync. I called tech support and ended up having to use my original account. So if you look at my stats, it looks like I have been doing nothing since Feb or March.

Of course, I really have been doing nothing since May 31, 2015. I found myself in the habit of being lazy again.

So today, I'll make the meager goal of less than 7,000 steps and start my streak. I, actually, may have to stay up a little late to make it, as I am under 5,000 right now. 

When I was at the above 10K steps a day mark, I was continuously sneaking in steps.

So time to begin again,