After 5 days of streaking, I failed yesterday. I did everything the Vifofit asked but didn't complete the last 100 steps. Why? Only 100 steps? I wasn't paying attention. I wasn't focused. I was indiguling in my favorite sinful food, lite beer, which is not really a food. This explains why my weight looks like the economic chart of a country with a faily steady economy. It goes up, but not too far up. Then it goes down but not too far down. 

I am attempting to cut beer out of my life, so that I can obtain a nice staeady drop on my chart for a few months.

Also, I changed my charity from TeamNTraining to BackOnMyFeet for a couple of reasons:
1) My son and I donated to the homeless in our city. My son was fascinated by them, so much so he named our dog Hobo.

2) It's only by the Grace of God that I am not homeless. I have had a "ruff" time with making house payments.

3) My son is stationed in Coronado, CA. I want to see him before he does his two years by sea next year.


So off to stepping :) Time to streak again, but this time harder with more steps.