Laura C

To find the athlete inside.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: pineapple, strawberries, southwest salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Little Nick's Pizza, lite beer

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walk/run

My Approach to Weight Loss: Walking as much as I can w/o being fired

My Weight Loss Program: BackOnMyFeet

My Diet Plan: High protein, good carbs

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, vivofit

Fitness Devices: Vivofit

DietBet Winnings: $15.86

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My Knickers
by - 11/04/2015 6:12AM

As I was strolling down the street, I felt something creeping down my legs. I realized it was my kni... Read More ›

Disturbed by my image in a half marathon photo
by - 08/10/2015 10:57AM

Just now, I saw a picture of myself walking the San Diego marathon. Feelings of sadness, shame, grie... Read More ›

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Tiffany T.

I've had that moment. I remember thinking "how did no one tell me!?" ...As if someone would actually risk that, when I was so unaware of it. Then I think to when a friend asked me in all seriousness if I thought they had gotten fat. Nice little table turn there. True friends (and I think ourselves as well) tend to see us for who we are, not what we look like. We'll stop & judge ourselves when we see a photo, but generally don't think too much about our outward appearance. Or we tell ourselves it's not that bad in the mirror. Truth is you're probably have a personality overflowing with awesome and are comfortable with who you are that it didn't register. But that's why we are all here, to better ourselves. You were in a marathon!! You are here now--be proud of the effort to better yourself, to get what you want. I understand the need to judge yourself, but we're all here to support one another. Keep up the awesome work!

Christine B.

I hear a lot of me in what you wrote. When I trained for my first half. I was 200 and went down to 150. This January I was 220 and am now 177 - because I trains for another half. I can tell you that both times I looked the same coming in and going out. However in the second one I started giving myself positive affirmations on a daily basis and my outlook on my self changed 100%. Don't know if this could help you, I just know that the first time around I motivated myself by saying - get out there fatty - everyone is laughing at you so keep running so it stops - etc etc. The second time I didn't and it made all the difference. The mind believes what you tell it on repetition (we train like dogs sometimes) and what I didn't realize was I was training myself to have a negative view of me, daily. I know affirmations sound like the cheesiest thing ever - I can tell you, though, they made a huge difference on my self outlook, regardless of current weight. For the record I tell myself I am beautiful, driven, confident and successful. You can say whatever as long as it's positive (and it felt super dorky at first). Anyway, that's my sidebar for the evening. Hope it helps and congrats on doing the half! :)
More Info
by - 08/02/2015 1:36PM

After 5 days of streaking, I failed yesterday. I did everything the Vifofit asked but didn't complet... Read More ›

My Plan We're Going Streaking!
by - 07/27/2015 11:33AM So Day 1 of streaking. I am starting small because I am ... Read More ›

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Laura C

Day 1 of streaking only 6000 steps, which for me is 2.5 miles.Day 2 of streaking 9411 steps which is 3.9 miles.Day 3 going for, at least, 10,000 steps. I have a map of the San Diego half marathon. I pretend like everyday I am starting on 6th avenue. Yesterday, I made it to Mountain View, which is the best part of that half marathon.

Laura C

Day 3 of streaking. I didn't make the 10,000 step goal but I made the Vivofit goal. I ended up with 6054 steps which is 2.5 miles for me. Day 4 I meet the Vivofit goal and ended at 7448 steps which is 3.1 miles for me. I know from doing this in the fall that eventually getting to 7K steps will be really easy to be done in the morning. It took me about 30 days last time to build my steps to between 10K and 12K a day, eventually averaging around 14K. It will take time but it's doable.
Bouncing Back and Forth
by - 07/20/2015 6:20PM

The scale gyrates betwee 193 and 198 for six weeks. I know why.   After completing the half marathon... Read More ›