So Day 1 of streaking. I am starting small because I am just getting back into this exercise world. Vivofit is recommending less than 6,000 steps. That's because after 2 good days where I exceeded the original 7500 step goal, I had an issue.

I am back and thinking I need to do, at least, 7,500 steps today, if not 10,000 steps-- that is if I want to achieve any type of weigh loss. 

I streaked for 134 days in a row last fall; started in October and ended in February. Almost all days were above 10K steps, except the first few. On an average day, once I was past the first 30 days, I would walk/run 12K to 14K steps. It was awesome! I felt great.

However, this all or none personality stopped me. Once I didn't complete the 135th day. I thought okay. Let's take a break from this obsessive compulsive behavior.

Time to be obsessive compulsive again every day. Time to rock it!

Join me and streak today,