Here are some more questions that you guys asked at the beginning of the challenge and some answers.  


Question: I would like to learn how to keep motivated with not just the workout but the nutrition. I've been doing beast and this is my second round but I got injured. Tennis elbow so I can't hold my weight anymore. I upped my weights so I think that I did too much too fast. I hope you can teach me to just do it.

Answer: There is no “NO”.  Just do it.

If you got hurt as yourself  " why?", and how you need to heal yourself.

At the same time use this force for the good and learn something new to give back.


Question:  I am having one heck of a time losing the weight, the inches are coming off but slowly now. I am still the same weight since I started in January. I have a appointment with a naturopath because it is either my thyroid or I am pre diabetic (was gestational diabetic with both children (4 and 1) ) I have so much abdominal fat that it is discouraging. Any suggestions on how to kick start the weightless ( I am pretty active, I have completed focus t25, 21 day fix, Body beast and am starting a beast/combat hybrid on Monday. I feel like I eat alot so maybe I am not figuring out my calories properly but help! Lol


Answer: Sounds like YOU ARE doing too much and your body doesn’t like it.

Also- Focus on HOW food make you feel.

To answer better I need much more Info from you. I am sure your doctor will help a ton once you get some testing done.


Question:  Sagi, I would like to hear you talk more about the statement you make about standing in your power.


Answer: You will have to come for my speaking events.

The Standing stands for the S in my name.

To give you an idea would be -- Are you playing the game the call LIFE or you sitting on the side lines.

You have to know what is your life purpose and act on it. Then you will know the meaning.

Great question by the way.


Question:  I'm on my 3rd round of Beast (doing Lean this time). How do lose weight while doing Beast? I plan on using Beast to get me Bikini Competition ready for next year. As of right now I have a ways to go. Any help would be appreciated.


Answer: Do the Lean Beast and focus the journey.

We all have way to go and most people will never find it. CREATE the change and focus on the gifts that God is giving you.


Question:  How do I lose that fat round my chest that makes me look like I have man boobs

Food! What should I be eating, how often should I be eating? I'm in my early 40s so my metabolism is starting to slow down and I can't seem to get my food right.

What are the best exercises to do to get rid of my butt and saddlebags?

Answer:  Go test your hormones and see what the Dr say.