I have 26.8 lbs to go until I reach my weight goal of 134 lbs and I can't WAIT to get there!!!  I am still walking about four miles/four days per week in the mall and doing strength/cardio workouts at least once per week.  I really need to tighten up on my nutrition though in order to see a drastic change.

I ordered a book for my Kindle by Tiffany McCoy off Amazon entitled 100lbs. Later:  "How I Lost over 100lbs. In 8 Months and How YOU Can Do It Too!", which was QUITE informative!!!  It outlined a strategy for losing at least 10-100 lbs and KEEPING the weight off!  It is a quick and easy read.  It is WELL worth the price, which is extremely affordable!!!

Best of luck to each of you as you continue your weight loss journeys!!!