I am so elated to be on this weight-loss journey!  My ultimate goal is to lose 50 lbs by December 31, 2015.  I have been staying true to myself by eating healthier and exercising diligently.  This is my first-time participating in Diet Bet.  I don't know WHAT the future holds, but I'm looking forward to this new, healthy lifestyle!  

My preferred form of exercise is walking.  I walk in my neighborhood with one of my neighbors.  She and I both plan to lose 50 lbs by year end, if the Lord says the same.  It's really fun having a walking buddy!  It's also nice to participate with someone who shares a common goal.  We walk throughout our neighborhood twice, which totals approximately four miles per day.  The time just flies by because we have a lot in common.

My husband is extremely supportive also!  Normally he cooks; however, I have begun cooking as a result of trying to eat healthier and lose this weight.  I have been baking LOADS of chicken!!!  We've also been eating salmon and turkey.  We've switched out long grain rice for brown rice and find that we really enjoy it.  My husband has actually been relishing the idea of getting a break from the kitchen.  This healthier lifestyle is better for both of us.

To all of my friends in the Diet Bet Community, Cheers to a "Friendly" Scale!  This is what I tell my husband when I see positive results on the bath scale:  "Honey, the scale was friendly today!"  So, may YOUR scales be "friendly" throughout your weight-loss journeys!!!