It's amazing when I think about it, how many things I put off just by saying the word 'tomorrow'. Even more amazing when I think , I'm not a stupid woman, I actually know what the word 'tomorrow' really means to me. It means 'can't be arsed to do it today'. It means 'too scared to try right now in case I fail...again'. It means 'for another 24 hours I get to kid myself that this time I'm serious about doing something positive about my weight'. 


Well enough tomorrows! Tomorrow is a word I've decided is no longer an excuse to put off the positive. Tomorrow is a word that's  meaning is 


In future, when I say tomorrow, I'll be thinking....'tomorrow I'll be a tiny bit lighter then I am today ../..tomorrow I'll be a little bit closer to wearing my jeans again../.. tomorrow I'm going to feel a lot more proud of myself than I do today'.


Tomorrow just turned into something I'm looking forward to :D