Theres a big family get together at New Years this year to celebrate an anniversary. One of the nights is going to be a big formal do, which means of course formal dress, heels the full works. I was dreading it, but since I joined DB I started to look forward to it. I hate having pics taken of me due to the weight, but I thought hopefully by the time its New Year, I'll be happy enough with how I am. 

I bought a dress on line and made sure to buy it two sizes smaller than I am at the moment (such was my determination). I awaited delivery with baited breath, and then finally yesterday it arrived. I opened it up and saw the beautiful material, the intricate laces panels, the gorgeous colour......and then I realised that this dress was never gonna fit me. 

Id thought perhaps I wouldnt have slimmed down enough to wear it (well in the back of my head I'd acknowledged the possibility at least) but it had never occured to me that the dress would just be too short to wear! I couldnt stop laughing when I seen it. 

I'm five foot tall, and this dress barely covered my backside! I could slim till I'm blue in the face, but unless I shrink another four inches, this dress could never be worn outside the bedroom (and even then only on certain occassions! ;) ) lol. 

For some reason, the whole thing made me feel a lot calmer about the amount of time it's going to take me to lose the weight. Made me realise that theres only so much I can do, and I'm doing it. The rest is up to lady luck and pixie dust lol. I'm just going to keep working the weight loss and the perfect dress is just going to appear. After all, all it has to be, to be my perfect dress, is to be two sizes can look like a black plastic bag and I'll still love it :D.