So there I was going about in work minding my own beeswax and sorting out a nice healthy lunch when someone glances over at my plate and asks me if I'm being particularly health conscious. We grab a seat and I proceed to tell her about Dietbet and the fact that I'm in a game etc. I got quite excited explaining it all to her and telling her how I've done so far etc. I wasn't looking for a passionately exuberant response or anything, a simple 'good luck' would have sufficed. What she said though really got to me.....'you'll never do it!'. 

According to her, the whole idea is just flakey and ridiculous and it's a scam, and I'm going to lose money, and and and and..(the list went on for at least another ten minutes along with her lecture on me being stupid enough to buy into it). Other staff members came in while she was giving me the wealth of her experience and not a single one had a  positive word for me. I was more than a little upset. I didn't expect support (well, I didn't ask for it), but I really didn't expect the mass condemnation I received either. 

I went home and thought about it all evening. I came to the conclusion that some of them were genuinely worried about me losing money on a 'dodgy website' that they'd never heard of, the rest of them, who knows. Anyway, after considering it for a while, I decided that I could either let it fight me, or let it fight for me. 

The next day I went into the lunchroom and stuck a notice on the notice board that says 'To whom it may concern; Nonie has joined Dietbet. Don't think I can do it? Watch me!' It's just given me an added incentive to win. No way am I about to fail at this with that lots eyes on me.

No comments today during lunch lol