Welcome to the official day one of diet bet for me. I signed up for two challengee. One kickstarter, one transformer. I've weighed in and I'm pumped.

I'm actually closing in on two years of weight loss. Two years of healthier eating and self-improvement. Of putting myself first and what I put in my mouth under scrutiny. So far that journey has been a lovely mixture of happiness and heartache.

I've tweeked my diet several times, but I'm happy with what I'm eating now. My diet is VLC (Very Low Carb), its also unprocessed food. Foods with minimal preservatives and few ingredients. It's made a big difference in my health. Though I suspect almost anything would have made an improvement in my health.

Prior to starting I had bad symptoms from PCOS, prediabetic, planter fasciitis, knee issue, and oh yeah, I was morbidly obese. 

I’ve dropped almost 50 lbs. At the same time I’ve made it through a holiday season, two cruises, a beach trip, international travel, birthdays, and parties. My health is also much, much better.

To be honest if I had continued to lose at my same old slow pace, I would not be here. I’ve been less motivated lately.

A couple nights ago I realized I was off the diet more then on. That treats, small and large, were popping up more often than not. My weight was also on the rise. Not a lot, but during a time I should have been losing, gaining was a red flag. 

I know exactly where that weight gain came from, now its time to double down.

I just need to not lose money. I hate losing money. I really hope people succeed, that diet bet just returns my money. I don’t need to make extra money off of others.

So rather then asking you to wish me luck, I wish you luck instead.