I had my first official weigh in.  I knew my weight had been fluctuating since I've been seeing a doctor regularly earlier this year, but it had been a while since I had seen what my actual weight has been (3+ months).  I was shocked that I actually weigh less than I thought I would!

I weigh less now than I did at my last doctor's visit (about 20 pounds less! over 3 months) which was odd because I thought I had been gaining weight this whole time.  Guess not.  So hey, if I can do it without realizing it, I'm sure I can do it when I actually put some effort into it!

It was a very strange experience yesterday when I purchased the scale.  I bought it just for this bet and I had been avoiding a scale for a long time in my home.  I don't want my girls to associate themselves with a particular number or become consumed with it.  My oldest daughter (6 years old) wanted to do what I'm doing so we took her pictures too.  Hopefully through this experience she can learn that it's about health and not about the number.

I know that pounds lost don't mean a whole lot compared to health gained.  I know that the scale does not define who I am or give me worth other than how strongly the earth is pulling me down to the ground, but it's a good measuring tool for progress.

I've decided to not be shy about the number on the scale.  It's just a number.  A scientific measurement.  Yes it's a big number.  Yes I want to lose more than half of that number over time.  Yes I will remember a pedicure before my next weigh in - oy vey!

So here's to the journey ahead! :)