Okay, so I have been good. I have created a nice schedule throughout the morning and early afternoon. But, after 5PM, I lose the flow of eating and exercising. My schedule for Monday through Friday is below, so you have an idea. 

7:30AM- Wake up;Get dressed and ready for the day

8:00AM- Leave the house with a to go breakfast

9:00AM- Arrive at work;do 20 crunches

10:00AM-Healthy snack 

12:00PM-Do 20 crunches;Have lunch

1:00PM- Back to work 

3:00PM- Healthy snack

5:00PM- End of day/Go home/Hungry/Run errands

6:00PM- Home/Run errands/More Hungry/Gym/Go out 

7:00PM- Still hungry/Doing stuff 

8:30PM- Eat something- the easier the better

9:30PM- Hungry (Sometimes)  

11:00PM- Start winding down for sleep


The inconsistency between the hours of 5 to 11, has me confused. Since the acitivities are always alternating, I don't have a set schedule. The past couple of days, I also wake up around 3AM really hungry. I ignore it and go back to sleep, but I'm still hungry. I need to learn how to combine my responsibilities of running errands, doing chores around the house, time to relax or have fun, with my eating and exercise schedule. Now, If I consider Saturday and Sunday... I just don't have a clue. I like to sleep in and it throws off my entire schedule. Any suggestions for the weekdays and weekends?