Ever had those moments that stick out like a photograph etched in your mind? The first time you learned to ride a bike. Your first real sleepover. The day you taught your kid to tie their shoes. Well .. how about the day you realized you were too fat to cross your legs any longer? 


I was sitting there, enjoying the day, minding my own business and in a rather chipper mood and went to go cross my legs and ooooommpphh .. my leg just slid back down again. It was awkward, embarassing and any trace of a good mood I was in vanished as I had an inward conversation with myself. What happened?! How did I get here?? I've always been able to comfortably cross my legs .. was it my love affair with chicken wings and french fries that I like to dip in ketchup AND homemade ranch simultaneously? Was it the Indian food buffet I loved to frequent when I was feeling blue? Was it my late night Netflix binges on gummy worms and white cheddar popcorn with copious amounts of red wine? I don't know what happened exactly. 

Fast forward to today. I'm about 15lbs heavier than even the picture I've attached and decided two days ago that I've had enough. I am a tiny bit wary of failure, but much more ready for a change and to get healthy. I would love to hear your story and feel encouraged as we all walk this road together. Cheers to the strength to be able to make the million little daily decisions that will lead to one great big lifestyle change..

Xx - Amber