I want to cross my legs again

Sarah G.

10/21/2015 12:35PM
I weigh the most I have since Carlie was born. Somehow I just keep packing on the pounds. None of my clothes fit properly and I look (and feel) old and tired. I blame my constant back pain, stress, my age (43!) and lack of time, but really it is that I get lazy and i am addicted to food. Especially the not good for you kind!I have accepted (begrudgingly) that I am going to have to make some changes and that there is no quick fix for me. I am started to pay attention to what I am eating and I am trying to get up and move more. I am going to have to take the slow and steady route. And now I know I will not be on this journey alone!Love you cuz!Sarah G

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I didn't know you were on here, cousin!! I was so excited to read your post. You made my day. Thank you for sharing your heart and where you're at. I know that it's not about weight and it's the inside that matters (you're beautiful in all ways) but I also know that I want US to feel good about the skin we're in and take care of the body God gave us. I just love you to bits. We can definitely do this!!

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