I had my first weigh in today, and I gained 3.2 lbs, instead of losing weight. I have not been on my game. I could write a novel of excuses, but no excuse is good enough. Being alive is more important than all of the other things we do in life. Otherwise, there wouldn't be those things.

So- gettin' real. I had some medical issues and my doctor looked at my blood work and told me that I am prediabetic. Diabetes runs in my family history and I have been afraid of it my entire life. Now, it is knocking, waiting at my doorstep. Now it is a kick in the pants. I need to make changes NOW. I need to prevent this, or I will spend the rest of my life treating this. 

It is scary, and serious. Kinda makes you a little sick to your stomach when you find out. 

It is an encouragement to do more-to do your best. But it is also a discouragement in that all that I have done is not enough. There is so much more I have to do. So many things I need to give up.

But life is worth it. Being alive is more important than the simple things in life. Enjoying being alive is even better. 

I need to do this for me. For my husband. For our dream of kids in the far future. :) For life- not just for now. 

I don't want to just meet a goal weight and then gain it all back. I want to make a life change. 

I am ready. Let's do this.