I finished my first kickstarter last week. I choose to do a transformer first, because long term goals are what I am after- but after my first bummer month on that game, I decided to take on the second, shorter game with hopes of encouragement and a kick in the butt.

It didn't work. I have made changes- huge changes for me, but I am still gaining weight, and I don't understand why. I gave up soda, and I gained 5 pounds. I have been so mindful of what I put into my body.

The things I know that are having a negative impact:

  1. I haven't started working out again.
  2. I do not eat 3 meals a day.
  3. I do not eat regularly/consistently.
  4. I still drink wine.
  5. I still indulge in sweets.

When I make changes and see things get worse, it doesn't motivate me to give more up or to change more if nothing is going to change.

When I was younger, the only way I could lose weight was to run. Three miles a day is what it took for me to get it off and keep it off. Now that I am  a working, married professional- life is different. I don't have that time or that drive. I am overwhelmed and stressed with work- an unprecedented work load keeps getting heavier. I am unable to keep up with things at home- and it is upsetting my husband. 

So many things are just set against me- but it shows that my health and weight impact every part of my life. I really need to get active- but  I really need to eat regularly so that my body can handle exercise. Once I do these things, I know things will get going and I will feel better.

Here is to another kick in the butt- to a new day, new opportunities, a new horizon. And not just because it will be a new year- that is just a bonus. 

It is nice to write this all down and to see it. It helped me process some things and find new baby steps.

If you don't blog- I suggest you start, even if they are private posts-just to get you going and help you find your way in your own journey.