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12/10/2015 2:03PM
Hello Sandra, I'm here in the States. I am fairly new to dietbet, this is my second round of playing. I won my first 3 dietbets, but I had to make some serious changes to the way I was living. I had a total of 85 lbs. to lose. Joined on 10/26/15 and have lost a total of 20 lbs. so far. I see your challenges. I like you, loathe exercise of any type. I have a million excuses not to break a sweat. However, I made one small change. I committed to walking for 30 minutes during lunch. Next, I have a heavy addition to carbs but the salty, bready, chip type. I can't stop. Since joining dietbet, I have been following a very low carb diet of under 25 grams a day. I have not gone over, even on Thanksgiving. I just added low carb dishes to my holiday fare. I will do the same at Christmas and New Years (in fact, I am already searching for my low carb recipes on Pintrest!) Finally, I stopped drinking the enormous amounts of wine on most days of the week. I have switched to zero carb tequilla and will only have a drink or 2 on the rocks on Holidays. You need to make small changes that you can live with and stick too. I know I will have to make more changes myself, but for now I am doing this. You can too! Don't stop trying --- you got this!!

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I weigh myself every morning as well, there's usually fluctuations, but over time I can now tell what is a real weight gain/loss. What really helped me was to start a food journal, an actual physical book in my case. I wrote down everything I ate or drank and was pretty surprised when I started adding up all the calories. Google a calorie burn calculator to get an idea of how many calories your body uses just to exist. If the number of calories that you're eating exceeds that, then you know you'll gain weight. These calculators also usually give you an idea of how many you should eat for different levels of weight loss. Now that I'm doing a better job of estimating what food serving sizes look like, I'm starting to look at macros, but what I really needed was an objective way of looking at what I was actually eating.

L. K.

Hi, pardon the delay getting back to this thread. I was ill yesterday. Also, I am not sure why at the end of my comments there are "?s" ????- that is not intentional. Please ignore them. ????. Sandra, regarding the coach I said I would provide the website for, her name is Sandra Jimason and she is phenomenal! Www.sandraslifesecrets.com. Hoping all is well.

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