Been in a food rut lately. Nothing tastes good, nothing is exciting, just would rather eat taco bell and suffer with a tiny portion than cook myself something. Last night I'm awakened by a sick pet (don't you hate that?) and couldn't get back to sleep after cleaning the ensuing mess (sorry for the breakfast visual!) and I'm scrolling around on my phone because that's what one does at 3:30 am. LOL I decide to cull my photos to free up some space and I came across about 20... pictures of plates of food. Now... I hate food selfies but I take them occasionally and I don't know why. I don't post them because the beauty of your food doesn't always translate well into a picture... ya know?
You have no idea how much that helped me today tho! I've been so lazy with making myself a beautiful plate. Glancing back at those meals I was so proud of really reminded me of some very important rules:
*Don't subtract from your meals.... ADD to your meals!
*You don't have to eat from a smaller plate... FILL A LARGER PLATE TO THE BRIM!
*1 part protein... 2 parts veggie
* Really fill your plate with whatever veg you have on hand. Low calorie bulk in veg makes for a full tummy!
This morning I was out of yogurt and Kashi (my standard morning fare) so I made eggs (2 full... 2 whites... 4 points) and I sauted a bunch of zucchini and yellow squash that I had been gifted with (because we all have that stuff coming out our ears in WV right now). It was DELICIOUS and very filling and I had a huge plate. Sorry for the novella here but I had to share. Have a good day today people and EAT EAT EAT!!!