I used to be fit.  Yup.  Like, super fit.  Like, could do a couple of chin ups and deadlift two times my own body weight fit.  Oh, and I was about 35lbs skinnier.  The funny thing though, is that I didnt think I was in shape!  I wanted to lose more armpit fat, more knee fat....I wanted to run faster, lift more blah blah blah.  If only I could get even half way back to that point, I promise I wont every complain again!  What happened to me?  Well, a few injuries, a few missed workouts, a few pieces of pizza....grad school...fiance..... laziness..... *sigh*  Its time to move forward.  Time to stop looking at what I cant do, what I used to be able to, and instead look at what I am going to do...for me.  Time to move on!