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Favorite Sinful Food: Milk chocolate

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My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: Vegetarian Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, iWatch

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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Emotional Eating
by - 01/21/2016 4:26PM

I have a special needs child, he is on the Autism Spectrum and his care takes up so much of the time... Read More ›

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Tina T.

You are not alone! I am happily divorced, and don't get much help with my 17 year old son. I know it's different than your situation, but it's pretty stressful dealing with him much of the time. I have found that when things are at their most stressful, that is when I wanted to reach for food. I am on a low carb diet. I started with, and they explain it very well. It's a free, 2 week program, and I'm only on week 2, but my "desire" to eat has drastically decreased. Even when we have out "moments" I'm not reaching for something to put in my mouth. It's actually quite amazing, because I am a serious emotional eater.Good Luck! Hope this helps!


I find that it helps to find something that feels rewarding and really good for you. For me, coloring and drawing is what makes me feel awesome and it totally replaces my cravings during emotional times. Hope this helps.
Why I'm here.
by - 01/18/2016 2:24PM

This is me, Summer/Fall of 2012. Not a pretty picture.  What started out as a mere cold that annoyin... Read More ›

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Cally Jo

Hi!!! I had commented on Cathys post and was linked to you from your post to her then I came across your blog and wow....all i have to say is you are one tough momma! :D here is to all the motivation in the world to you for you to achieve your goals. After I ready your blog I thought to myself I should really share with you like I did with Cathy this amazing system that I had found. Your story resonated with me as i work at the hospital and see people every day that I cannot share what I have found with them. This is so much more simpler to share with you and to see if it would be something you would love as much as I did to help me lose my 35lbs and have the most energy I have ever had. :) I am posting in hope to inspire you and share this amazing gift with you. Have a great day! Good luck in the challenge you are going to crush it!!!! <3 Cally Jo Blom


Wow. you have your issues, but you are not letting it stop you. That's awesome. I can relate to some of these things. In the end it's all about how much we want it. LOVE my fitbit! :)
My Year
by - 01/07/2015 5:30AM

  So I started this DietBet in conjuction with a woman I follow on facebook , I enjoy her updates, s... Read More ›