I am horrible at keep track of how long exactly it's been since I quit a bad habit. I am so not those people that count down to the hour since the last time I had a smoke or the last time I had a pop. I want to say it's been 2 weeks at this point? The changes are surprising to me. 

The last time I quit drinking pop...well...every other time I quit drinking pop, instead of drinking water like I was supposed to, I substituted it for something else full of sugar. Drink mixes, juice, lemonade, iced tea, etc. I never drank just water. I did try a few months back with lemon, but it still wasn't near the amount of water intake I was supposed to have. Needless to say I was dehydrated a lot which doesn't feel the greatest.

This time, I made it a goal to make sure I drank just water. No additives, no substitutes, nothing. Yes, I still have my coffee in the morning, and I'm trying to cut back on the creamer and sugar with that as well, but I don't count that with my daily water intake. It's getting easier each day that goes by. The first handful of days I was dehydrated because I was only drinking maybe a quarter of what my daily  intake is supposed to be. And that was on a good day. I almost caved many times, but I was determined!

Fast forward to today and I don't have to force it down as much. I still haven't had a day where I met my daily intake number 100%. The closest I've been was 26 ounces away from the daily total. I still don't add anything to it, even though I do have things around specifically to add to my water. One of them is a drink mix that is nothing but syrup-y flavoring, but I haven't caved. I know it's ok to add like fruit and veggies to water to infuse it with natural flavoring, but in all honesty, I don't want to rely on even that. I want to make it a habit, a routine, I want to be acquired to it naturally so it comes easy to me naturally. I could just be making BS up to make it sound better to me, but hey...as long as it works, right? ;)

Since I quit drinking pop, honestly I haven't done anything else. I am still eating my normal diet, which isn't the best. I'm not exercising yet, even though I know I should be, and nothing in my daily routine is different. I am gearing up to start the 21 day fix on Monday(hopefully my package arrives in time!), along with Shakeology, and the workouts Beachbody is sending me. I'm doing my meal planning, grocery lists, and schedules for those 21 days, but not actively doing anything now.

I have noticed that I'm not as tired as I normally am. There are still days where I'm tired, but I don't sleep well and have long days that start super early. Hopefully that will get better as I change my lifestyle around. But I do notice I have a bit more energy to get things done, which is funny because I initially started my pop addiction for the caffeine to give me that boost of energy that I needed to get things done. Then it just spiraled and I started drinking an insane amount of wild cherry Pepsi and kept it up because I knew if I drank any less I'd get headaches. Also, I am down 3 pounds. 3 pounds in 2 weeks by just quitting pop and drinking more water. I know 3 pounds doesn't sound like much, but when that's the ONLY change I've done, that's pretty amazing. Plus, it's baby steps. I'm not looking for a fast solution to weight loss. I know it'll take some time.

Just by making that ONE change and seeing a couple "baby" changes, I'm SUPER excited to see what changes will happen when I start my Beachbody journey of eating clean and working out the right way!


Until next time....