About 6 months ago I quit smoking. I know some people know how long ago they quit like to the minute. But I don't. I wasn't that big of a smoker anyways. A pack lasted me 5 days. I smoked more when out having drinks. A social smoker. After I "quit" I did smoke when I was out but not as much as I used to. But now I stopped completely. Don't even smoke socially anymore.


THAT wasn't NEARLY as hard to do as it is to quit drinking pop. I drink so much pop it's just ridiculously disgusting. My pop of choice is wild cherry Pepsi. I easily drink $5 a day in pop. What gets to me is the withdrawal headaches. I'm prone to headaches to begin with and suffer from a history of headaches and migraines, so I do anything and everything I can to not have that happen. When I get a migraine I tend to drink more pop than usual so the caffeine can help me out.


I hate being addicted to pop. I hate feeling like I have to depend on it. I know that a majority of my weight is coming from that disgusting habit. It also makes it hard for me to drink water. So transitioning from no pop to water is hard. I know I'm dehydrated a bit because I'm not drinking enough water. I'm trying really hard. And I'm trying not to resort to additives to my water. I don't want to drink carbonated water, because I am kind of addicted to the carbonation too. Something about the fizzy... But I don't want to use that because carbonation can cause bloating and I just don't want any of that. I don't want any added sugar or bad stuff. I really am trying to totally change my diet lifestyle and not eat/drink any artificial stuff. Or drink a lot of added sugar in my water. I'm breaking down today and getting some lemons to add to my water to give it a little natural something because I can't do just plain water right now no matter how much I try. 


Its seriously way harder than quitting smoking. I will hold myself accountable: I did have a SMALL wild cherry Pepsi when I went to a movie with a friend yesterday. That was on my 3rd day of having not a single pop and I just got a small. I'd say that's pretty amazing for me. I've had many temptations at the grocery stores waiting in line, gas stations, eating out. I've turned it all down. 


I did suffer a withdrawal headache and still kind of am. The first 2 days of the withdrawal hurt. I weaned myself and the headaches started while I was still drinking pop but was only down to 1 bottle a day at that point. But since I've cut it out completely, they're starting to subside. 


Oh, it's so hard. But I'm more determined to lose this weight and get healthy than I am addicted to pop at this point. I'm willing and ready to do anything to get my ass in gear, and this one is a major one in regards to my weight. THAT much pop intake obviously isn't helping me any. 


Here's to willpower and determination! And hope that this headache goes away completely soon! ;)