Well, I've been giving it my all on the treadmill. Running sometimes until I get a stitch in my side, or running through muscle spasms. By the end of the 30-55 minutes, my neck is drenched and there's a small pool upon the small of my back. I smile through my accomplishments and re-stratigize through my failures.

It has been one month since I've been back on the treadmill. 31 days. And today, I had one of my greatest achievements. I ran for 10-minutes straight at a pace of 4.8. It's not much, mind you. But I didn't give up. The whole 45 minutes I was on that treadmill, I was the largest girl to go on it. And I prevailed. I was so psyched at the end of it, I even smacked the hand rail in front of me in excitement. Red faced. Sweat rolling down my temples. I was successful!

To anyone thinking they can't start on the treadmill, you can! Start slow and work your way up. Ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on you and your journey. You don't know the time or effort they put into getting where they are. Maybe they were once just like you. Push yourself. 2 seconds. 5. 10. And one day, you will wonder why it took you so long to start.

I am still the fat girl on the treadmill. But I won't be for long.