Alright, so I've been around DietBet and the weightloss world for awhile. I've been successful more than once, but every pregnant woman knows how much pregnancy can do to your body. So alas, I have to keep coming back (for the last time hopefully!).

This is what I've learned...

- One pound is 3500 calories. THAT ONE 200 CALORIE COOKIE WONT KILL YOU!!!!!! 

- Diet plans, DO NOT work. You need to find one that suits your lifestyle. That includes the social aspect of it. If you have a group of friends who are social eaters, make sure your "diet" can be tailored to fit those occassions. 

- IT'S OKAY TO EAT A BURGER AND FRIES!!! Your body can handle extra calories now and again. It's when you do it too much that it becomes a problem. You need to practice willpower too though. If you think one will completely derail you, don't do it. But know that you should learn willpower so you can enjoy life too.

YOU NEED TO EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! Burning off every calorie that you put into your body isn't going to help you. It's going to hurt you. You need calories to live. They need to stay in your body sometimes. You will end up very sick otherwise.

- How do you know you're drinking enough water? Check your pee. Seriously. Is it really yellow? Not enough. Is it a bit more clear? That's enough. Is it anything else? Ask your doctor. 


- STOP CALLING IT CHEAT MEALS!! Do you know what cheating means? It means to act dishonestly. How does that make sense to put associated with food? Think of it as an indulgence. To indulge means to enjoy the pleasure of something. 

- Your weight will fluctuate often. Many times in a day. Don't stress over the number. If you can't handle it, do not weigh yourself daily. Only weigh in once a week or you will drive yourself mad. 


This journey can be REALLY fun. Learn new food, make new friends, learn new workouts. You need to want it bad enough. But you also need to learn how to be yourself too. Don't let it become all consuming. Go out. Enjoy time with friends and family. Know that your next meal is always another chance to try again. Two steps forward, one step back - it's still progress.


I know a lot of people might not like what I wrote here - but oh well. I know it works. A balanced lifestyle is a fun lifestyle. Not one where calorie counting and stressing over any unhealthy treat is part of every day. Don't forget to LIVEEEEEE.