As with many of us in the DietBet community, weightloss has been a thing I have struggled with on and off for a very long time. But it wasn't until I found this wonderful support system that I really found my success.

In 2016, I successfully lost 42 pounds after having my first baby May 2015. Hubby and I decided to try for our second (and final) baby August 2016. She was born April 2017 and in July, I joined another transformer. I have so far lost 35 pound since then, and I have no plans of slowing down.

DietBet is something I whole heartedly believe in. I absolutely love it. I recommend it to friends who are hoping to lose weight but are worried about not staying motivated. Some have found success and others have not. I will admit that I do not think it is for everyone. I know that for myself personally, I had to sort of hit rock bottom, get run over by a train while down there, and then have it downpour on me before I could pick myself up again and really make the change.

2018 is going to bring about quite a bit of change for not only myself, but my family as well. In a few weeks, I'll be starting back at school with a full course load. Will be my first time doing any form of studies in about 7 years. In April, I'll be going back to work part-time once my maternity leave is over (while still doing school work and tending to two children and a husband who is like a third child at times). We are hopefully selling our house by the end of the summer and our girls will be moving for the first time. On top of all of that - I need to somehow fit fitness and health into my life. 

The tools and knowledge that I have gained over the last 6 months from my first transformer of this year will greatly play a huge role into this. I know that I can go to the gym once or twice a week and still see a loss on the scale. As long as I mostly keep my eating in check and step on the scale now and then, it will all be okay (that's why I bought a year long membership). Weightloss is mainly based on what you put in your mouth anyway (70% diet 30% fitness). 

I'm hoping to write a blog post once a month at least to keep everything in check and give myself a place to really vent what is going on and how it's all going.

With that in mind - here are this year's resolutions:
1. Lose another 35 at least (no more than 45).
2. Save 10-15k for a down payment on our house.
3. Finish school in August with a GPA of around 3.5.
4. Manage to get through this year with my family all still together (it will be a high stress year and part of me worries that it will pull us apart. But I know that my husband and I are stronger than this and we will make it so this is hopefully an easy one).

Let's see what this year has in store...