Current Thoughts 1/28/2016

Radiah H.

01/28/2016 8:16PM
Keep it up girl. Take it one day at a time

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Radiah H.

Maybe you should try making your own calendar using the calendar of workouts you have but incorporating the rest days. So perhaps you calendar could be 35 days and at least you still do all the workouts that are listed but in a slightly longer time. What to you think??

GeminiWitch83 Amanda

I have thought about doing that. I am kind of doing that right now actually. I have taken a few rest days this time and I started later in the month than on the 1st, so I could be doing them along with the timeline of my Dietbets. I just really like starting on the 1st and ending on the 30th of each month to be finished and ready to start the new challenges I find the next month. I guess it's better though to do it my own way and modifying it to fit my lifestyle and how I feel and what else I have going on different days.

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