My weight-loss mantra

Tamara M.

02/10/2016 7:49AM
That's beautiful motivation! I believe you will get there, because your heart is in it. Thank you for sharing! My motivation is not nearly as meaningful as yours, but it's doing the job! I signed-up for a running challenge, to run 1,000km this year. While I would love to make it to 1,000km, the real accomplishment will be actually finishing something I start. Reaching this goal requires daily commitment - something I have failed at in the past. Here we are 6 weeks in and I am going strong. So here's hoping I can use the momentum to keep me going when the going gets tough.

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Damara A.

Good luck to you on your end goal! I have recently made a "vision board" that contains graphics of everything I want for myself over the next year. I keep it where I can see it daily. Maybe this will help you too :)

Tamara M.

Wow! I have always wanted to make a vision board! You may have just motivated me to do it! Thanks!

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