I hit a milestone in my weight loss journey that maybe doesn't stand for much given the lack of body type flexibility for BMI measurements: I'm officially "overweight."

I wasn't sure how to mark this milestone or even if I wanted to, but since I've been "obese" by BMI standards for over a decade now it is a victory to a certain extent.  Many years ago, I used my BMI to set a mid-level goal weight for myself so that I could get out of the obese category.  Maybe all goal weights are arbitrary, but this one seems to be especially strange in real life.  

I felt obese at the top end of my highest weight, but I definitely didn't feel that way a couple weeks ago.  Yet it's only now that I've crossed the threshold from obese to overweight.  It might feel so weird because it's the only measurement that I track that puts a label on my body.  I do feel that I'm overweight, as there are quite a number of pounds to lose before reaching my real goal weight, but I'm not sure that I was really obese for the last ten to fifteen pounds.

BMI is such a strange measurement and I'm probably in the category of people for which it's highly inaccurate.  I'm short, but have a thick bone structure and carry my weight evenly across my body.  Even when I was "skinny," I was never dainty and I really don't wear bracelets or anklets since most don't fit.  

I'm not sure what my point is with this post, but I guess I didn't want to let the occasion slip by without mentioning it.  Still, it's pretty anticlimactic to announce that you're no longer obese, just overweight!