I am losing weight before my husband and I visit Thailand in May.

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Dance Aerobics

My Approach to Weight Loss: Healthy Eating & Exercise

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Calorie Counting / Mostly Low Carb

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Garmin Connect

Fitness Devices: Garmin Vivofit

DietBet Winnings: $122.80

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The Art of the Hustle (Day 42 of 83)
by - 03/20/2016 8:00AM

Yesterday, I had a fabulous rest day over in Bev Hills. Okay, not at a spa or anything. I wasn't lik... Read More ›

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Sweeet! It's always good to connect with other writers - particularly screenwriters :)Congrats on your progress!


I was just thinking to myself that I need to put more effort into my weight loss. I've been cruising along with little bursts here and there, but overall it's been pretty weak for the past couple months. I've already lost more than the doctor recommended in order to help my fertility. I'm already at the higher end of my college weight. When I'm really being honest with myself I know that I have a feeling that this is good enough and I can be lazy about it. I'm only about midway between my starting weight and my goal weight. It's definitely NOT a point where I want to stop, so I need to get my butt in gear!
I'm Looking at the (Wo)Man in the Mirror (Day 38 of 83)
by - 03/16/2016 10:30AM

Last Sunday, I found myself waiting in line for 15 minutes in order to torture myself. J.C. Penney w... Read More ›

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Ugh, hate the dressing room mirror! I totally think I look better than I actually do and I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I don't like being confronted by the truth in the mirror or in candid photos. Good job finding something to wear that'll be comfortable and stylish! And, I hope you get picked and that your presentation goes well!


We all know that particular form of torture, squinting at the mirror and avoiding those blubby thighs! Right? But you will kill it, you wear the clothes, they don't wear lipstick and big smile, that's whats needed here...good luck!
Where I'm At and Where I Want to Be (Day 37 of 83)
by - 03/15/2016 8:53AM

I was going to put together a fancy Excel chart to show my progress lines over the past month, but d... Read More ›

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Oh you sciencey gal; still, I believe you can do this, and you are right, alcohol is fun but doesn't help your diet bet challenge, I am trying to limit it to tiny tastes once or twice a week, I am in the wine appreciation field, so to speak, so it is part of the 'job'. Keep at it!


Great work and great post! I also have to lose 4 lbs for a diet bet that weighs out the 27th or 28th. I know that it's possible, but I need to be super on it with my eating and work outs. Which, honestly, I have not been consistent about in the last two months. Alcohol is definitely a gateway to unhealthy foods for me, but at least it's fun eating, unlike stress eating. I have a friend visiting from out of town this weekend and I'm worried about how I can have a good time without totally blowing my weigh in. Let's encourage each other to buckle down!
Pre-TTC Weight Loss, Part Two (Day 36 of 83)
by - 03/14/2016 9:01AM

It's kind of remarkable how much time flies once you pass age 30. I remember the summer that I was 2... Read More ›

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I'm trying to figure out my plan...What is your plan as far as eating? Are you doing low carb/ sugar or ? Are you exercising daily?


I've had similar thoughts to those above. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend this long form Atlantic piece on age and fertility.
Pre-TTC Weight Loss, Part One (Day 31 of 83)
by - 03/09/2016 9:32AM

I'm watching an old season of The Biggest Loser on Hulu (ugh, why do I watch this show!?) and yester... Read More ›

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I'm excited for you, I am also losing weight, mainly for health and for fitness goals to be able to do more summer outings involving kayaks, and hiking. But also, a leaner grandma (in the future) will be able to chase toddlers and catch them, so I can smother them with kisses!


My husband and I have been trying for about a year and a half now. I went in to see a doctor after one year of trying. One of the first things they told me to do to help my issue (irregular periods/ovulation) is to lose 10% of my body weight. I already felt guilty that I was the reason we had waited to try for kids, so I did my best to lose the weight. It took a while, but when I got to the 10% mark, I started having more regular periods. It was just one of many reasons for me to start losing the weight for real. We're still trying and going through the process, but I'm determined that I be as healthy as possible for whenever a pregnancy happens.
Breaditations (Day 23 of 83)
by - 03/01/2016 8:44AM

"I love bread." Most people do, Oprah Winfrey. Dang, that's a good commercial. In my opinion, it's t... Read More ›

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You know I love my bread, and cheese. If I had to give up either, it would be a tough one, but just give me one more greasy grilled cheese sandwich on my death bed, and I'd be a fulfilled, happy woman!


Smart thinking. This past year I have concentrated on weight loss INCLUDING every habit I enjoy, and to me it is the only way to LIVE while I DIEt.
Getting Waisted (Day 20 of 83)
by - 02/27/2016 10:22AM

I am SO glad that I recently started tracking my measurements. I only started tracking them on the 1... Read More ›


Great attitude.


I added you as a friend hoping to catch some of that attitude. I have been struggling.
Getting Organized (Day 19 of 83)
by - 02/26/2016 7:05AM

I'm pretty sure that everyone heard about that study about messy kitchens leading to increased calor... Read More ›

Four Weeks of Sweatin' Hard (Day 17 of 83)
by - 02/24/2016 9:02AM

Things that I’ve learned from going up the same tough trail once a week for the past four weeks: Sta... Read More ›

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The desert is in bloom with our warm days. I think you've had an early spring there, too. :-)


OOoo, I just saw your Skull Rock video, it's like being there, thanks for sharing.Wish I WAS there. But I was hoping to see you running and cursing and see that rattlesnake.
Big Slippin' Up (Day 16 of 83)
by - 02/23/2016 7:17AM

I committed to losing weight on February 1st. Since then, I experienced nonstop, steady weight loss ... Read More ›

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Back on track! You can do it!

Kate L.

Those pounds WILL come off, you just have to be focused! Get extra water, watch your sodium, up your potassium a little (it can counteract some of the water retention from sodium) get PLENTY of sleep and be extra strict with your diet for the next few days. I had a similar issue last week where I went off the rails for a couple days and my weight jumped. Two days of extra water and intermittent fasting and 4 pounds came RIGHT off. Most of the time weight you gain quickly comes off almost as quickly.
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