I am a mother. But what had ruled my life in recent years is....... I have 4 herniated disks in my back and a fused wrist., 4 wrist surgeries.   That has been a problem for me and a crutch excuse for too long.  I live on a hobby farm in Montana winters are brutal and all I wanted was to sit around whining about life.   My daughter had a son in September and I am the babysitter part time that has  given me a new reality.  I am 42 years old and I want to be able to run and play with the little cutie pie. 

I have struggled with pain for years all the way up to being prescribed Methodone.  That was my breaking point.  My negative attitude was consuming me......no more.  I am no longer on an pain meds except the occaional IB 800's when things get bad.   So here we go,  I want to be a roll model for my friends and family.  Not just exist,  I want to get back on my ponies and enjoy life!!! Good luck friends.