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Finding Dory
by - 06/30/2016 6:49AM

 My journey with dieting, losing weight and following work out regimens are like Dory. I lose intere... Read More ›

by - 06/11/2016 6:54AM

I've slept more in the last 24 hours than I have in a very long time. The last several months if not... Read More ›

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Congratulations, that's some solid work you're doing!


Wow! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work.
No Thank you
by - 06/07/2016 5:26PM

Are you ever offered food by someone and find yourself repeatedly saying " No Thank you"? Usually it... Read More ›

Round 2
by - 06/06/2016 4:15PM

This is my 2nd diet bet. I find it amazing as hard as I worked to get that 4% off my body it felt li... Read More ›

Half way point
by - 05/01/2016 4:07PM

Weight: 197.4   Starting weight 200.8   Goal weight: 192   I'm close to 50% of my goal. I told mysel... Read More ›

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Tara Dee

I am truly impressed at all you've accomplished while sick (but even if you weren't as well)!! You really should be proud of yourself. Hope you feel better!
Slow progress is still progress.
by - 04/26/2016 2:49PM

Weight 197.6   Goal: 192 The totally irrational thoughts I tell myself when my weight won't move on ... Read More ›

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Tara Dee

That's the spirit! :) You better believe I will get off the scale, use the bathroom, and then get back on... lol.
El Diablo
by - 04/25/2016 12:43PM

 weigh in: 198.6 goal weight: 192   Offical weight loss for my first week is 2 lbs.   This frustrate... Read More ›

Tara Dee

I love the name "El Diablo." lol. It sounds like you're making good progress - 2 lbs in a week certainly isn't bad! And bodybuilding is definitely going to add on heavier muscle. I think your non-scale victories are incredible! It's frustrating for sure, but you can also think of it as a building process - if this week you lost 2 lbs. nailing your eating, maybe hitting your step goal on top of that will push you where need to be, and so on. Don't give up! You're doing so great :)
Rest day
by - 04/22/2016 7:06PM

Weight: 198.8   Goal : 192 My plan for a evening workout fell by the wayside. I try not to let this ... Read More ›

Tara Dee

Two days is a good allowance - I have the same issue, falling off the wagon after I let myself get sedentary. Unplanned rest days always feel like a failure, but sometimes it's just telling our bodies they need to reset. As long as you get up and move on day 3... So proud that you avoided the hamburger! I swore off fast food in 2015, and continued it on to this year... haven't had McDonald's in so long, but I can tell you it doesn't stop that little voice ;) Enjoy your victories, and the weekend - you can do well if you commit to it :)
She's not like me.
by - 04/21/2016 6:44PM

I watched my daughter sing to music on the drive to her school this morning. She smiled as she sang.... Read More ›

My own worst enemy
by - 04/20/2016 10:07AM

Day 3: 198lbs   Just like that it's 430am. The number of alarms it takes to get my body out of bed a... Read More ›

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Tara Dee

I think we're all our own worst enemies. You are certainly not alone in that. It's easy to rationalize what we "deserve," but you are so right - deserve what? To poison our bodies and cause problems for ourselves. It's so much harder to recognize enablers when they're right there in the mirror... That being said, recognizing it is the first step! The rest will come with persistence.

Anna Steve

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