One year ago, I had completed (and won) several kickstarters, three transformers, and was added to the DietBet Hall of Fame. DietBet helped me lose 70 pounds. I worked hard to take off weight for my vacation that June, and also my friend's wedding. I was so proud of myself. I got down to 141, the lowest I weighed since high school (I'm currently 29).

Every time I have lost weight in the past, it seems inevitable that I will gain it back. The same thing started to happen in September last year. My bets ended, so I joined the beta Maintainer (still going on) and started going out to eat more. Like a dumbass, I gained 19 pounds.

Fast forward through the holidays. I now weighed 160 again! 210 pound me would be so happy to weigh 160. BUT, 141 pound me was devastated. Why did I do this to myself? AGAIN. Fortunately, I started being more conscious of what I ate again and lost five pounds. I stalled out because I wasn't trying hard and fell into a pattern. I would eat decent through the week, lose three pounds, then gain it back on the weekend. It was a stupid, never-ending cycle that I'm sure many of us are familiar with.

A little over a week ago, I started three new kickstarters to keep me accountable. So far, I've lost five pounds and am back to what I was around Thanksgiving. Soon, I will be wearing the same clothes I wore last summer and I'll be back to 141. This time, I plan on breaking past it and getting to my original goal of 139. I have another vacation planned for July. After last year's vacation, I lost control a little bit, and I think that was what caused the spiral. It's amazing how one week can completely unravel a year's worth of progress.

Another reason, and the main reason I started losing weight to begin with, is that I want to start a family this year. Based on my weight, I'll probably gain around 25 pounds, and I want to take off as much fat as I can beforehand. I'm perfectly healthy at the moment, but I really want to become as fit as possible before conceiving so I can have a healthy pregnancy, and stay fit throughout the pregnancy.