Body Image Distortions


05/25/2016 7:20AM
Wow, Lily, great post. I think many of us completely understand that thing of feeling "so huge" after a weekend of overeating or after having gained back just a few pounds. It's weird and i can only assume it's rooted in the shame we feel about our behavior. So to be kind to myself and shake off the negativity, I feel like I have to remind myself there is no shame in any of this. Having gained back a few pounds is no more or less shameful than having gone a little too long between haircuts: it was based on choices (eating a little too much being no more shameful than the choice not to bother with getting a haircut) and created an effect on my body that I now need to do something about. The "something" is different and a little harder (losing weight vs getting a haircut) but has no more negative judgment associated with it.

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Me too! I often look in the mirror and think "I hate my hair, I need to get it cut." But I don't feel bad about it, or beat myself up over having put it off. I just think I've been busy and have chosen not to put the effort into getting it cut. Putting back on a few pounds is pretty normal given the food-centric environment we live in, and if we see it as normal and just needing the occasional correction, maybe we can detach it from all the negative self-judgment.


Very true, no more negativity, just make it a normal part of life. :)

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