A Binge Confession


06/02/2016 6:48AM
What a great post! You did SO many things right! You caught the negative self talk, you recognized that the binge could have been much much worse (AMEN to that!) and you thought about your feeling before during and after. This is actually great PROGRESS and I think you handled the situation with grace and accountability and a positive attitude (once you got past the self talk). You know I always say weight management is largely mental and you are learning a lot on your journey. Know that we all have these days. Sometimes you just have to say "oh well, it happened, what did I learn?" and MOVE ON! YAY YOU for blogging about this - I think it will inspire others and your idea of coming to dietbet and posting to help deflect the cravings is a great one!

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I do feel a lot better after writing this all down, like I was able to let go of that guilt and MOVE ON! Today is a new day :)

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