This is about a mother and a daughter fight.
Just in case you wanna skip reading :-D

So guys back with an other sad moment.Yesterday I had an other oral exam and it was fine.Don't know how many times I argue with my mother in exam's time but it's really a lot.
So it supposed to be a good day,me and my mother this morning went buying some jewellery to use for my cousin's wedding.Nothing very expensive at all. I had this very nice look on a watch and I winked my mother and said maybe for my next month birthday. Let's say I've never had anything for my birthday cause my mother think it isn't necessary.Nothing,even a card. She said we had a lot of expenses cause of the wedding so she didn't think a watch was the case. Ok but what about last year and year before?

So I started,as I always do [please I already know I'm not lucid when I'm angry] telling that other mum's works even if they don't need cause they want sons have better life (we don't have money problem,she's very into saving), and I usually start a list about an amount of money I spent lately like food and stuff that are home's necessary and everyone use but I keep trying buy myself and maybe an amount of money she'll have to give me (as my brothers recive) if I didn't work. At the end I recived credit card to buy me whatever I wanted.

I started crying.Please don't think me as a spoiled child.It wasn't for the watch (it was not expensive I could bought it by myself) but for the fact that for my mother birthdays and any other holiday isn't necessary.Isn't necessary we eat togheter at lunch or anything may quite us looking even for a day like a family who loves each other. 
Did I ever done something for my family?What the hell yes! Mother's day was rich of flowers,doughnut or don't know how you call "zeppola" in english and then a faboulous ring.Everytime I try something new I have to make my family taste. Yesterday I took home bagel and some pastry from a new famous patisserie from Napoli (where I study). My father recived an apricot croissant this morning cause no metter what I'm in love with my father who is a little special...maybe I'll talk about this an other time. My sister and my brother always recived a little thing by me for their birthday.But at the end my brothers and father are with her. This stuff isn't necessary.
Whole family is thinking I'm stupid and probably I really am If when I feel lonely and  unloved I think taking from my mum what he care most (money) is the perfect revenge for me that I also feel like I've lost something (love). A lost that I keep feeding with food.

Probably you're thinking it too, but do you know how much is sad for a teenager to pray your mum for a cake on a birthday that if it wasn't for you (or maybe facebook) no one will remember?